a dirty pack update...April Edition

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A Dirty Pack Update.... April Edition

Hello everyone! Allan Henry here with this month's dirty pack update.  I'll start with the headline >> Production starts next week and I'm getting really excited about your packs!

Last month,  I sent out my first update and shared details regarding the production and delivery date estimates at that time.   Since then we've hit a couple more milestones and I finally had a chance to hit the road and get the packs dirty.  Let's get into the details...

Factory Production Updates

In mid-April, I received the email I had been waiting for.  The official schedule of production from the factory. This document locks in the exact date each of the packs will be on the line and in production.  

This step is super important because now that I know when each pack is getting made, it's a lot easier for me to communicate dates and details with all of you.  

But before I get into these details, as a reminder, you have a pack on reserve, secured with a fully refundable 50% deposit, and at the date of your reservation, you locked-in certain perks and benefits and an estimated delivery date based on your wave.

These original dates based on wave are provided below:

Athlete Packs:
+    Early Bird: July
+    Summer Wave 1: July
+    Summer Wave 2: July / Aug
+   Summer Wave 3: August

Adventure Packs:
+    Early Bird: June
+    Summer Wave 1: June / July
+    Summer Wave 2: July / Aug
+   Summer Wave 3: August


In this next section, dates based on the new production schedule have been provided. Generally speaking, the new production schedule lines up with the original wave-based dates, but there are some delays I am making you aware of now!  This schedule is when packs are expected to be delivered to our warehouse in Arizona.  As soon as packs arrive, we will ship out to you based on wave / reservation date.

Updated Date: When Each Pack is Expected to Arrive at our Arizona Warehouse.

+ Adventure Lrg/Blk
+ Adventure  Lrg/Gray

+ Adventure Hip Belts

+ Adventure Med/Black

+ Adventure  Med/Gray
+ Athlete Med/Gray
+ Athlete Med/Yellow
+ Athlete Hip Belts

+ Athlete Med/Black
+ Athlete Lrg / Gray
+ Athlete Lrg / Yellow
+ Athlete Lrg /Black

Items of Note:

**If you are part of the Early Bird Wave for MEDIUM ADVENTURE PACKS   --> Your pack is going to be arriving 2-3 weeks later than I previously estimated.

**If you are part of the Early Bird Wave for Athlete Packs --> Some sizes will be coming in 1-2 weeks later than I previously estimated.

**I am sorry for these delays and why I am making you aware now, many months in advance of the expected delivery.  

Why is this happening >> Due to COVID the factory will be splitting up the production of the medium and large size packs. I cannot control this and was told it is for health and safety reasons.  Because of the amount of time between runs, I can't wait and hold the container and have instructed the factory to split-up the shipments even though the containers will not be full.  I do not want to be the cause of any delays and want the factory to ship Packs and Hip Belts as soon as they are ready.


Port of Los Angeles Update:  

As per FedEx, "the Port of Los Angeles has seen a 217% increase in volume, and ocean cargo costs have risen over 40% compared to this time period last year. Volume increases, shipping container shortages, and driver shortages will continue to stress the global logistics infrastructure. The result will be a continuation of port congestion, extended delivery times, and increases in freight rates. "

  • FedEx has informed me to expect delays and the dates provided above account for this time.
  • If the congestion clears by the time our containers start to arrive, then delivery will be sooner than the dates above.
  • If the congestion worsens, the delivery dates will extend further out.

Final Note:

**Please understand that these timelines are estimates.  Given the global pandemic, delays beyond my control are inevitable .  Expect production and delivery to take longer than the timelines provided.  If you must have your pack by a specific date please order with the expectation that it will NOT arrive in time!

Road Trip.. Southwest

After way too much time in the office, I finally had a chance to hit the road and get the packs dirty.  On National Parks Week, we drove north from Phoenix to-and-through Flagstaff and Horseshoe Bend.  It was the first stop of the trip and my first time visiting the park.  The timing could not have been any better!  

When you arrive at your destination at high noon it's typically not a great time for photos -- unless you have clouds and I got luckly!  Soft, fluffy, iconic, southwest, americana, clouds as far as the eye could see.  

One of the things that surprised me the most about the Bend is how low the water level is and how big the overlook is.  I expected a lot more water and a much smaller overlook.  Turns out there is plenty of space and even with the crowds, it was easy to find a spot to setup and get clean shots.  

After a quick stop at Lake Powell for the night, we made our way to Kanab for the remainder of the trip and spent our days bouncing around between parks, caves and sand dunes while spending the nights huddled up in a  yurt overlooking the small town of Orderville, UT.

Given all the walking, I decided to keep my pack super light and after much deliberation, decided on the Sony a9ii with grip, 100-400, 1.4x TC, 55mm and 24-70 4.0 with Adventure Hip Belt.  

With a small size kit like this you can pull the Orgami fold down and save plenty of room for snacks and layers on the camping side of your pack.  One of the things I was not expecting was the drastic change in weather.  It went from snow to 80 degrees and back to snow again, made me thankful for all the expandable space.

Can't wait to hear about all of your adventures and share more of mine :)


Thanks for your time and support.  Please remember I am sharing all these details because Atlas Packs is a small company/ brand.  We work really hard to make sure every single customer is happy with their pack and the service we provide...100% of the time!

If there is anything in this email that does not make you happy, we totally understand and why the reservation system is in place.  If the timelines and conditions no longer work for you, your reservation is fully refundable.


Of course I don't want anyone to cancel, but I really, really don't want anyone to be unhappy with me or Atlas Packs. Thanks again for your continued support and be sure to reach out to me or the Pro Team if you have any questions.  




PS:  We plan to finalize order details (including the gift card perks and payment of balance) in the next 30-60 days. We will contact you based on wave.

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