a dirty pack update...June Edition

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A Dirty Pack Update.... Early June Edition

Hello everyone! Allan Henry here, with a dirty pack update.  I'll start with the headlines >> Production is underway and packs will soon be on the way. There have been a number of challenges and delays and so I'm changing the plans.  No more separate waves with different delivery dates. I'm combining all waves into one big wave and that container is booked.

Let's get into the details...  

Factory Production Updates

Since my last update, thousands of raw materials and parts have landed in the Philippines and made their way from the Port of Manila, to our factory in the BATAAN province on the other side of the bay.  

Every year since 2017, sometimes multiple times per year, I have made the trip overseas to oversee production and delivery.  To be at the factory as the packs are getting made, each step by hand, more than 275 steps in the line, is an amazing experience.  

But this year is different and I was not able to travel.  As a result, the factory and I have had to work remotely via zoom and skype.  Designing via online video and chat with a team +15hr ahead is like herding cats. Everything is harder and more challenging.  

What used to take hours now takes weeks.  What took weeks, now takes months.  Little things, like deciding on a color, now takes many months because everything has to be shipped back and forth. The important part is we made it and packs are on the line and that is a huge win in a year like this.  

This year is also different for another big reason... and that's because of all of you!  In years past, I made packs and then sold them and then made more.  The reservation system is a first for Atlas Packs.  Having all of you on board while the packs are getting made is both fun and stressful.  

Many of you reserved your pack back in 2020.  Many of you reserved in the last few months.  All of you will end up waiting a long 6+ months. I am astonished and humbled by this. I come to work every day excited about the challenge and opportunity.  

Since production started the schedule has slipped a lot.  The Philippines government has required the factory to pull workers off the line to help slow the spread of COVID-19. This has led to a production slowdown of nearly 50% and so I have had to change my plans.  

I am sharing all these details with you, because you have a pack on reserve and are excited for it to arrive. At the date of reservation, you locked in certain perks and benefits and an estimated delivery date based on wave.  Now it's time to move to the next step.

Delivery Dates and Updates


The most important part of this dirty pack update is right here.  No more different waves with different delivery dates.  Everyone is now combined into one BIG wave and will be on the same container. 

1. This container is scheduled to arrive in Arizona in late July / early August.  

2. My goal >> All packs shipped to customers in August!

3. Selection of packs and delivery is based on reservation date.

4. Payment 2/2 details to follow.

Why no more waves >>

The original plan was for all containers to ship within a 45 day window and for each container to have one type of pack.  This is why the wave for the large Adventure pack started in late June and waves for Athlete Pack fell after. 

But with the government mandated slowdowns, it does not make sense to stick to the original plan.  I can't wait for enough of one type of pack to be made to fill up a container. It would take forever.  So instead we are filling containers with different packs as they get made and the first container out is reserved for you!

What this means to you >>

All reservation packs and only reservation packs, will be on the first boat out.  This container is confirmed for JUNE 28 CARGO READY and will leave the Philippines shortly thereafter.

Final Payment Email Info

We expect to send the email for the final payment in the next two - three weeks. We are waiting for the final sample packs arrive.  Picture of the new colorways of all packs will on the website and available to you before asking you to make the final decision and payment. Thank you.

Athlete and Adventure Black in the Wild

If you've made it this far in the update -- thank you, I'm excited to share a sneak peek of the black colorway in both the Athlete and Adventure.

In a non-covid year I would have had my sample packs months ago.  Crazy to think that you reserved a pack without seeing what it looks like.  Well it's time to change all of that right now.  For the first time ever... 

Please excuse the wrinkles and strappy straps, I really don't care, shooting the packs for the first time and with a fresh set of eyes was my only goal.  Seeing all of the parts finally come together makes me happy and I'm stoked to welcome the 2021 packs to the Atlas family.   Adventure Pack on left and Athlete Pack (large) on right. 

One of the changes I was most curious about was the new logo. Prior to this point I had not seen it on a pack, just sample fabric.  I'm really happy with the end result and hope you are as well.   As shown here, you can expect the new ATLAS logo to fade in the shadows and have some sheen in the light.  

Another big change, the interior colorway.  For this season, I decided on a darker gray interior with limited edition dark blue pulls. This colorway combo will ONLY be made once and will forever make this run of packs special.  I can't wait for you to get your packs dirty...

A few more photos of the Athlete Pack before I sign-off. 

In these next few images, a glimpse of the new side access to the camping section on the Athlete Pack. In this photo you are seeing the water bladder side.  With this season's change, the top of the pocket is now open and accessible from the inside of the pack making this section so much easier to access.  

In the second photo, I've installed a smaller test frame into the new lower frame flaps.  These are only found on the large Athlete Packs and this is the first time I've shared any details on this feature.  I don't even have a name finalized yet for the frame, thinking of calling it the "everyday" as it makes for a great daily carry size along with the new big handle top handle on the pack. 

And in the third photo, one of the small details I am most excited about, new buckles.  We are officially a 100% YKK pack.  All YKK buckles and zippers and the new YKK buckles are like buttah, you will love them!! 

Stay tuned for the next dirty pack update. I will soon have photos of the yellow/grey and gray/grey Athlete packs :)


Thanks for your time and support. Please remember I am sharing all these details because Atlas Packs is a small company/brand.  We work really hard to make sure every single customer is happy with their pack and the service we provide.

If anything in this email does not make you happy, we totally understand and why the reservation system is in place.  If the timelines and condition of the program no longer work for you, your reservation is fully refundable. 

Of course I don't want anyone to cancel, but I really, really don't want anyone to be unhappy with me or Atlas Packs.  Thanks for your continued support and be sure to reach out to me or the Pro Team if you have any questions.



**Please understand that the timelines I've provided are estimates.  Given the global pandemic, delays beyond my control are inevitable.  Expect production and delivery to take longer than the timelines provided.  If you must have your pack by a specific date please order with the expectation that it will NOT arrive in time!

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