Production is complete and the packs are on the way...

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A Very Dirty Pack Update.... July 16th, 2021

Hello everyone! Allan Henry here with an important dirty pack update.  Here's the headline >> Your packs are done and on the way!  Soon you will be able to pick your pack and select color, size, accessories and make your final payment.  

Let's get into the details...

---- ---- ----

I am very happy to report that production is complete and the packs are on the way!  Yeah :).   On July 14th, the container was loaded up and trucked a long and bumpy 6hrs from the factory to the Port of Manila. See pics and Apple Airtag location photos below.  

In regards to production output, enough packs and hip belts have been produced for ALL Summer Waves and even some early Fall reservations (based on pack).   There are some last minute changes I will be making you aware of as not all packs passed QA (quality assurance). 

The days leading up to the loading of the container are hectic. There is a ton of pressure on the line to finish up production and still leave enough time to properly QA and test every single pack. 

Because I wasn't able to travel and visit the factory this season, I provided the team with a huge checklist and very explicit instructions that only perfect packs make the boat.  I'm very happy to report all went according to plan and QA and testing did an excellent job.

For the first time I had each and every pack broken down multiple times and built back up.  This included the frame being removed and installed 5-10 times and the pack reversed out to break in all of the shoulder straps and outer fabrics.  I even had thousands of pieces of foam changed out and reshaped to ensure the perfect tension and friction for the ORIGAMI CAMERA CORE (tm).  

Some packs did not pass and did not make the boat. In fact, none of the black Athlete Packs passed QA  >> do not worry, they will be sent via FedEx and arrive at the same time as the container (see notes below).   

In just a few days the container will be loaded onto a vessel and the vessel will depart the Philippines en-route to the Port of Los Angeles.  

There is still a long 7634 miles before that container arrives here at the Atlas Packs shop in Arizona.  Expect to continue to have to wait with the understanding that the packs are fantastic.  I have received a number of copies in advance and am elated with the results.  

The additional QA and handling has broken the packs in,  in a way I have never seen or felt before and cannot wait for you to see the results.   Until then I will keep you posted. 


The QA team sent over some photos of the container once all of the packs were loaded.  The packs are protected inside those big cardboard pallets and there are plenty of moisture packets included given how much time the container will be out in the open.

Apple #airtag updates

To help keep track of your packs, I have x2 Apple Airtags along for the ride. One inside the container and one outside in an air tight pouch.  It will be interesting to see if I can track the packs once they are on the ocean.  Will keep you posted.

Delivery Updates and Timelines

What happens in the next 4-8 weeks...

The container has to be loaded onto a vessel. The vessel has to sail from Manila and arrive in the Port of LA. The container has to be unloaded. The container has to clear customs. A trucker has to be scheduled and the container loaded and trucked 8hrs to our shop and warehouse in Phoenix, AZ.  

CONTAINER #1: Early Bird, Summer Waves 1, 2, 3, & 4


**Plus some early Fall Wave reservations***

Container Loading Updates:

Here is a list of the packs that will be available as part of the first container.  All final payment and remaining details will follow based on your reservation date.  There will be enough packs and hip belts on the first container for all Summer Waves (combined) and some Fall Wave reservations. 


  • Adventure Pack Black Large: 100%
  • Adventure Pack Black Medium: 100%
  • Athlete Pack Yellow Large: 100%
  • Athlete Pack Yellow Medium: 100%
  • Athlete Pack Gray/Grey Large: 100%
  • Athlete Pack Gray/Grey Medium: 100%
  • Athlete Pack Black Large: 100% QA*
  • Athlete Pack Black Medium: 100% QA*
  • Adventure Pack New Dark Large: 0%
  • Adventure Pack New Dark Gray Medium: 35%*
  • Adventure Hip Belts (all sizes): 100%
  • Athlete Hip Belts (all sizes): 100%

*Why are the Black Athlete Packs at 100% QA*

During QA, an issue was discovered with the black Athlete Packs.  Do not worry >> New packs are in production and will be shipped via FedEx air.  There will be no additional delays.  

*What happened?  

Updates to the design of the frame tunnel (the sleeve inside the pack that holds the frame in place) did not get implemented correctly on the black Athlete Pack.  This lead to inconsistent torso length and frames fitting tighter than the allowances provided for.  


Now the MEDIUM  Adventure Pack in dark gray is on the container?

Yes!  To fill up the space on the container left open because of the black Athlete Packs, the factory was able to finish up some of the new dark gray Adventure Packs but just in the Medium size. 

What this means to you...

If you want a medium Adventure Pack in the new dark gray some will be available. I expect this pack to be haut.

CONTAINER #2: Fall Wave 1, X,X,X


Pick Your Pack and Final Payment Details

***Coming soon***  

The team and I have been hard at work getting ready for all of you.  A new section of the website is currently under development and will include everything you need to know so you can pick your pack and make final payment arrangements.  

New Content Sneak Peek

My goal is to showcase how the packs look, fit, feel and function. Instead of the traditional backpack fitting guides, we've come up with more of a fashion guide and kept the scale, composition and focal lengths all the same to project a better "try-on" experience for all. 

I'm excited to share some of the assets and content we have been creating.  It's been fun and exciting to work on and put together for all of you!

The content will be made available in thumbnail views (as per these examples) as well as high res (30-40MB JPG files) so you can download and zoom in on the details.    


360 Views and Features

The site will include detailed photos of each of the packs.  The scale and composition is the exact same across all images. Edits are minimal and limited to color corrections and white balance. 

Comparisons by Size / Liter

The new sections of the site will have detailed comparisons between each of the packs in various liter setups. As you will see, there is a lot of overlap in size between the packs now that the Adventure Pack is smaller.  

Backordered Hip Belts Updates

Already have your pack and just need the hip belt, this section is for you >>  I have arranged to have 100 hip belts shipped via FedEx air in advance of the container. These hip belts will be arriving next week.  

If you cannot wait until the container arrives, please email the Pro Team ([email protected]) with the dates of your trip. We will do our best to honor all requests. 

Of note: The cut-off date to request these advanced hip belts is July 25th.  All hip belts remaining after this date will be fulfilled based on backorders until they are gone. 


Please remember I am sharing all these details because Atlas Packs is a small company/brand.  We work really hard to make sure every single customer is happy with their pack and the service we provide.

If anything in this email does not make you happy, we totally understand and why the reservation system is in place.  If the timelines and condition of the program no longer work for you, your reservation is fully refundable. 

Of course I don't want anyone to cancel, but I really, really don't want anyone to be unhappy with me or Atlas Packs.  Thanks for your continued support and be sure to reach out to me or the Pro Team if you have any questions.



**Please understand that the timelines I've provided are estimates.  Given the global pandemic, delays beyond my control are inevitable.  Expect production and delivery to take longer than the timelines provided.  If you must have your pack by a specific date please order with the expectation that it will NOT arrive in time!

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